Different Types of Dental Surgery

Posted by Dr Ding | 9th July 2018

Every day, thousands of people undergo a dental surgery. There are different types of dental surgeries, such as tooth extraction, dental implant surgeries, correcting the alignment of the jaws, etc. For dental surgeries, you need to look for a qualified oral surgeon because they are the ones that perform the procedure. Your dentist, however, can do tooth extractions and root canal treatments in the clinic. Read More

Teeth Whitening: Do You Really Need It?

Posted by Dr Ding | 9th July 2018

Are you thinking about whitening your teeth? If you are, this guide is for you. Make sure you have all the knowledge you need before you jump in. As you may already know teeth color with age. The dentin (tooth interior), yellows and the outer layer, the namel, thins from brushing. If you drink coffee, tea, red wine; if you smoke or take certain medication, all of these factors can discolor your teeth even more. Read More

Types of Dental Braces

Posted by Dr Ding | 9th July 2018

Having crooked teeth can be a real problem, especially for your self-esteem. This is why dentists keep a close eye on the development of adult teeth. Childhood is the perfect time for corrective measures to be out in place. However, crooked teeth can be corrected using braces at any age. Read More

Wisdom Teeth Removal - What to Expect Before, During & After

Posted by Dr Ding | 9th July 2018

Your dentist told you it's time to remove your wisdom teeth. DonĀ“t worry it might not be as bad as you think. Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the back of your mouth. They are spotted on X-Rays and they usually appear between the age of 17 and 25. Read More


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