Wisdom Teeth Removal - What to Expect Before, During & After

Posted by Dr Ding | 9th July 2018

Your dentist told you it's time to remove your wisdom teeth. Don´t worry it might not be as bad as you think. Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the back of your mouth. They are spotted on X-Rays and they usually appear between the age of 17 and 25. Why take them out? Well, there are many reasons for that, with the most common ones being:

• Wisdom Teeth can be impacted: This happens when there is no room and they try to squeeze into a spot. If this occur, they can move the rest of your teeth.
• They come out in the wrong angle. This will also press and can move your other teeth.
• Not enough space in your mouth. Your jaw has no space.
• Cavities or gum disease. If you have cavities or gum disease, it would be difficult to reach the back of your mouth to clean your wisdom teeth.

Before Surgery

There are many great, affordable teeth removing clinics in Petaling Jaya, so consult with your trusted dental clinic. Like most trips, the dentist will start with an exam.

Your dentist will usually want to do an X-Ray to see how your wisdom teeth are positioned and whether you have room for them to grow. During the appointment make sure you:

• Tell your dentist if you have any health problems.
• Name all the prescription drugs you take on regular basis, including natural supplements.
• Ask everything you want to know about the surgery. This is the time to resolve all your doubts and concerns.
• Make sure you talk about what type of anesthesia you want.
• Plan. Once you know when you are having your wisdom teeth extract, you need to plan time off from work or school and rest afterward at home. Remember also to plan your ride home.

During Surgery

On the day of the surgery, it’s recommended to arrive at the tooth extraction clinic at least 30 minutes before the surgery start. This way you will have time to do all the paperwork and calm your nerves. The whole surgery will last around 45 minutes.

Types of Anesthesia
During surgery you will not feel any pain because you will get an anesthesia. There are three types of anesthesia:

• Local: Your dentist will numb your mouth and gums. Also they could give you nitrous oxide or laugh gas to breathe and relax. You will feel alert shortly after the surgery.
• IV Sedation: The surgeon will numb your mouth and gums and give you drugs through a vein in your arm to make you drowsy. This will usually cause you to sleep during the whole surgery.
• General: You will receive drugs through a vein or breathe gas, either way you will be asleep the whole time. You will wake up after an hour or so after tooth extraction is finish.

To remove your wisdom teeth, your dentist will cut your gums to get your teeth out. If this is done, your wounds will be stitch to heal quickly. The stitches will dissolve after a few days. To soak up some of the blood your dentist will stuff gauze pads in your mouth. 

After Surgery

As you may already know, everyone responds differently to anesthesia. With a local anesthesia you will feel more alert and you might even to able to drive from the tooth extraction clinic in PJ to your home.

But if you have general anesthesia or feel drowsy, you will need someone to drive you home.

Each person is different, so recovery can range from mildly uncomfortable to very, very painful.

After surgery you will have little to no pain. After 3 days you will likely have swelling and mild discomfort. You have to be patient as your mouth need a few weeks to heal.   

• After surgery, follow your dentist's instructions
• Ice Pack- use it on your face to curb swelling
• Use moist heat for sore jaw
• Open and close your mouth gently.
• Eat only soft foods, like pasta, rice or soup. Avoid hard or chewy food.
• Drink plenty of fluids.
• Don't brush your teeth after the surgery and don't brush against any blood clots.
• Take your prescription drugs.
• Call your doctor if you have a fever, or if your pain or swelling does not improve.
• Don´t drink through a straw.
• Gently rinse your mouth.
• Don´t smoke or drink alcohol.

Finally, it’s important to stay positive before and after the surgery. Wisdom teeth extraction is a rather common dental surgery, as long as you know what to expect, everything pan out nicely. 

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